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Coach Clayton

Workout Magazine Issue 1

Workout Magazine Issue 1

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Dumbbells, barbells & locker room reveals. In this edition, I share with you my secrets to succeeding in both the gym and my personal life by taking control of my mindset and using positive affirmations.
Check out my 5 top tips that'll fast track your progress in the gym and get you sweating!
No gym, no problem. My favourite at home lower body exercises helped me maintain and grow my glutes during the pandemic lockdown.
If you're struggling to put on size, page 13 will be the game changer you need.

Inside 10 intimate images.

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Client Reviews


    "I honestly love the program. At first I struggled with it, but now I love getting up early and working out. I feel way more accomplished and starts my day off with a great feeling."

    - Andrew

    Custom Workout & Meal Plan 

    "Im on week 5 of the program and I measured my glutes yesterday. They're 96cm and I was so shook. My first measurment on day one of the program was 93.2cm. Can't thank you enough."

    - Gabriell

    Custom Workout & Meal Plan 

    "I am so pleased with your programs Coach. My body has been feeling great since I've started and friends have noticed a big difference. You can tell you've put alot of hard work into these programs and it shows."

    - Michael

    Custom Workout & Meal Plan 
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