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Custom Workout & Meal Plan

Custom Workout & Meal Plan

When does the program start?

Once you have completed your order you will receive a confirmation email, along with instructions on how to create your account on my members only app. You will receive both your workout & meal plan within 24-48 hours or your money back guarantee.

What will I achieve?

When you join the Coach Clayton Fitness app you sign up for a lifestyle change. From this program you can expect to:

✓  Create new, positive habits that fit into your lifestyle.
✓  A complete transformation based on your desired body goals.
✓  Enjoy a customised approach to your nutrition that doesn’t dramatically effect your lifestyle or preferences. Your meal plan won’t restrict your favourite foods, only teach you how to enjoy them all in moderation.
✓ Meet online friends and connections with the Coach Clayton Fitness community to keep you motivated and inspired.

What equipment do I need?

A standard gym should provide all machines and equipment required to complete gym workouts, but if you're completing your program from home, you'll need:

✓ Booty bands
✓  Dumbbells
✓  Yoga matt
✓  Resistance bands
✓  A bench or sturdy furniture

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    This BOOTYBYCC 12 Week Program contains two phases. Phase one introduces you to all the fundamental exercises that help grow your glutes. During this phase you will work on progressive overload and mastering all the exercises.

    Mastering your technique is one of the most important factors when it comes to transformation. You will be able to follow along throughout the 12 weeks with confidence and support.

    The team of Accredited Dieticians will calculate your calorie and macronutrient requirement based on your unique characteristics and goals. Updated monthly & includes unlimited revisions.

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✓ Your custom meal plan will be DELICIOUS and EASY to ensure ongoing results.

✓ Choose your dietary preferences, dislikes and allergies before we even start.

✓ The dietician team will give you 7 days of variety within the plan so you can change it up everyday or just choose one day to follow. Email the team or myself to adjust meals and add specific ones in or substitute any meals out.