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Coach Clayton

Custom Nutrition Plan

Custom Nutrition Plan

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When do I receive my meal plan?

Once you have completed your order you will receive a confirmation email, along with instructions on how to create your account on my members only app. You will receive your meal plan within 24-48 hours or your money back guarantee.

What will I achieve?

When you join the Coach Clayton Fitness app you sign up for a lifestyle change. From this meal plan you can expect to:

✓ Create new, positive habits that fit into your lifestyle.
✓ Learn how to see results without limiting the foods you enjoy
✓ Feel more confident in your body
✓ A complete transformation based on your desired body goals.
✓ Meet online friends and connections with the Coach Clayton Fitness community. We like to keep each other accountable and motivated.

What if I have special dietary requirements?

All your meals will be based on your specific nutrient needs, diet preferences, dislikes/allergies, and eating schedule. Choose from the following popular meal plans.

✓ General
✓ Pescatarian
✓ Vegetarian
✓ Paleo
✓ Dairy Free
✓ Ketogenic
✓ Gluten Free
✓ Vegan

Is each month the same?

No, each month is different. This will involve changes in your diet that are constantly updated as your body changes. We need to give your body a reason to progress.

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  • Custom Meal Plan

    Unlike most meal plans out there, your plan is fully personalized to you and your goals - which means you're guaranteed to achieve results!

  • Monthly Updates

    To keep your progress on the right track we update your meal plan monthly to ensure you're seeing results and progress with your health and body.

  • Dine Out Feature

    Want to dine in/out while still hitting your goals? Choose from your favourite restaurants and even combine meals to hit your macro and calorie targets!

  • Meal Swap Feature

    If you’re not enjoying a meal from your meal plan request a new meal from the Dietician team and they will have a replacement recipe up for you in no time!

  • Grocery List

    Grocery shopping have you feeling overwhelmed? Not anymore. Walk in with confidence knowing what you put into your shopping basket is making a positive impact on your health and wellbeing.

  • Private FB Group

    Be part of an incredible community, join my members only group where I post daily motivation, tips and tricks and answer any questions. You have the opportunity to engage with other BOOTYBYCC clients and share experiences, motivation and tips.


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Client Reviews


    "I honestly love the program. At first I struggled with it, but now I love getting up early and working out. I feel way more accomplished and starts my day off with a great feeling."

    - Andrew

    Custom Workout & Meal Plan 

    "Im on week 5 of the program and I measured my glutes yesterday. They're 96cm and I was so shook. My first measurment on day one of the program was 93.2cm. Can't thank you enough."

    - Gabriell

    Custom Workout & Meal Plan 

    "I am so pleased with your programs Coach. My body has been feeling great since I've started and friends have noticed a big difference. You can tell you've put alot of hard work into these programs and it shows."

    - Michael

    Custom Workout & Meal Plan 
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